Ville Lähde: Food, Poverty and Population – from Vicious to Virtuous Circles

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Tampere University

Abstract of the presentation
Hunger, the problems with food production, poverty and population growth are too often addressed as large-scale aggregates and looked at separately, either as unsoveble "wicked problems" or as issues that will fade away with business-as-usual development. This lecture delves into their interconnections – on the one hand how problems can feed each other and on the other how the most fruitful solutions can create virtuous circles. However, creating virtuous circles of development requires changes not only in the way food is produced, money is handed out or families are planned, but int he way trade and policy allow development tailored to local circumstances.

Information about the speaker
Ville Lähde, PhD, is an author, a science journalist and a researcher in the independent BIOS unit. Name, surname: Ville, Lähde Institution, country: BIOS, Finland Discipline and position: Philosophy, Environmental Policy, researcher at an independent institution Short bio: Born 1972, Ville Lähde has ben active in many social environmental movements and has been a proponent of science publication for wider public. He is currently the chairman of Eurooppalaisen filosofian seura ry, the organization that publishes niin & näin -journal and -books. His academic work has handled environmental issues and public rhetoric. He has published two books and numerous articles aimed at the wider public, and he is an active lecturer. Currently he works as a researcher at the independent BIOS research unit.