1. Choose the express course you are interested inhttp://www.norteas.org/express-courses/
  2. Agree with your home school the content and the period of express course you would like to take part of.
  3. Fill in the application (template to be found on Norteas website) and send it to the contact person of the course. Please, note there might be additional requirements by the course holder (check “How to apply” section under specific course);
  4. After admission, please fill in Nordplus grant confirmation (http://www.norteas.org/student-mobility/ ) and contact your international coordinator (or Norteas contact person at your school) for further guidance.



Courses are open to students who have studied for at least one year at his/her home institution (BA) or 1 semester (MA students).

The Nordplus grant is available to degree students at a Norteas member institution, of any nationality studying for a first (BA) or second cycle degree (MA).