ABOUT THE nordic common studies

The Nordic Common Studies programme (NCS) will be offered for the 8th time in March 2020. In this activity the network chooses a slot in the academic year, where schools swop their students and experiment with teaching and sharing of methods and experiences in an international context.

This project is a tool towards internationalising the curricula of theatre and performing arts education. The ambition is that step by step our education becomes more flexible so that students can become more mobile and enjoy express mobility and networking on a high level. 



22-29 MARCH 2020 (6 teaching days, 2 travel days)
Travel/arrival day to hosting school 22.03.2020 (Sunday)
Departure day: 29.03.2020 (Sunday)

Tallinn Viljandi Nuuk Reykjavík Vilnius Malmö

 45 students from 6 participating schools will take part in the NCS 2020:

Estonia: Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in Tallinn and Viljandi Culture Academy

Greenland: The National Theatre School of Greenland

Iceland: Iceland University of the Arts

Lithuania: Lithuania Academy of Music and Theatre in Vilnius

Sweden: Malmö Theatre Academy

Accommodation will be provided by hosting schools.
Participating students will receive a travel grant as follows:
Greenland to all 1300 €
Iceland to / from all 600 €
Domestic travel in Estonia 100 €
All other 330

Further information:

Nordic Common Studies Guideline 2020