GabrielE LabanauskaitE: Creative Writing
How to get inspiration in everyday life and to use these ideas for further development

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Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre


About the lecture
Directly associated with creativity and fantasy, creative writing means one’s putting his or her ideas and feelings about a particular topic on paper by using her or his other imagination freely. 
Creative writing involves going beyond the ordinary without deviating from normal values, creating ideas that are different from everyone else’s with the help of one’s imagination, achieving originality and writing fluently while taking pleasure in the act of composing, and going beyond the standards.
Creative writing is characterized by originality and imagination rather than truthfulness or standardization of thoughts.
Creative writing requires organization, planning, and discovery of thoughts. Creative writing rejects restrained thinking and does the opposite – expands the borders of thinking.
As creative writing as creative design interpreting M. Sharples says, recreating emotional experiences freely in mind is a fundamental philosophy of creative writing.

About the speaker
Gabriele Labanauskaite (1980) is a poet and playwright. Gabriele has defended her PhD thesis about narrative construction in contemporary drama in 2014. At the moment she teaches history and theory of playwriting at National Music and Theatre Academy in Vilnius, Lithuania. From 2003 Gabriele’s plays The One that Hurts the Most, Circus and Red Laces won awards at the National Lithuanian Plays contest and were staged in Finland, Sweden and the UK. 
Departing from the more traditional delivery of poetry, Gabriele uses song and spoken word as a medium for her poetry, releasing it DVD or CD formats instead of books.