Peter melin & Jonas Simonson: Critical Response Process

Gothenburg University


Peter Melin is an actor and teacher in acting, who has been a permanent member of staff at the Academy of Music and Drama since 2009.
He teaches part time in voice and speech, acting and stage presence and work both within the fields of acting, opera and classical music. He is also Program Director for the BA programs in acting.
Peter Melin has been working with Critical Response Process together with other staff members for five years. Today he also leads CRP workshops for teachers at other schools and for theatres. 

Jonas Simonson is Senior lecturer in music performance at the Academy of Music and Drama. He is Program Director for the World Music programs and teaches in music theory, ensemble and flute. He also works as a freelance musician, composer mainly within Nordic folk music. Jonas has been working with CRP for five years and uses it regularly in his teaching.

Critical Respons Process
For sustainability and awareness we find ownership of your creative process crucial. But how do you deal with that, when you need critique? Our answer is Critical Respons Process.
We would like to offer an introduction to a feedback method called Critical Respons Process, designed by American dancer, choreographer and pedagogue Liz Lehrman.
The method aims at giving tools for receptivity, pluralism, honesty and being specific when giving and receiving feedback.