Norteas is a Nordplus network of Nordic and Baltic Performing Arts institutions in higher education. We focus on sharing about our everyday life. Norteas encourages students and teachers to seek innovation and new approaches to the already established practices, through the exchange of knowledge, experience and visions on contemporary performing arts and education.


sustainability project

The Sustainable Theatre Artist is a two-year pedagogical project that aims at artistic, professional and societal sustainability of future theatre and performing artists. The project is inspired by the challenge an artist must rise to – how to make meaningful art within the parameters of the professional field, the world around us and our planet and how to interact in an intelligent, resourceful and responsible way with our society in different cultural contexts.


In academic year 2017-2018 there will be 12 open express courses on the topic of Sustainability. This course programme is a forerunner of the intensive course taking place in summer 2018.



The online lecture series hosted by the participating schools in relation to the Sustainability Project, are held each month during the academic year from September till May. Lectures take place on the first Friday every month (except January, see below) at 12:15 Copenhagen time (11:15 Reykjavík/13:15 Helsinki) and are streamed live online, recorded and placed on the projects Vimeo site where it will be shared on the Norteas website.