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Viewpoints at Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

Teaching period: 15-20 October 2018 (travel days not included)
Number of ECTS: 3
Number of available study places: 4
Requirements: this course is open to all BA/MA degree students of performing arts (acting, directing, drama, management) in the Norteas member institutions.

Application deadline: 5 October 2018
How to Apply: Send a short introduction and motivation statement to

Course description 

Participants are slowly introduced into the movement world and acquainted with certain points of view that come into play when needed to create artistic work on any subject. 
The approach of sensitizing your body and awareness allows to let go of your mind and rely on your deeper impulses. 

Viewpoints were first used as a technique for dancers to develop material and later on added up to acting, directing studies as a subject. The work with lights, architecture and sound come into play and also become a major part of a creative process earlier than in a classical play staging process.

A particular emphasis will be on constraints of developing artistic materiál, the concept of effort in a performer`s body and voice, constructing group consciouscness and drawing inspiration from there, also working on a performer`s presence and being comfortable in the starting point of unknown.