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Tidal Bodies at University of the Arts Helsinki, Theatre Academy

Course period: Mon, Jan 29 – Fri, Feb 2 2018
Number of days: 5 (excluding travel days)
Number of ECTS credits: 2
Number of study places: 2

Application deadline: 15 December 2017
How to apply: send a short introduction and motivation statement to
Course description             
Tidal Bodies is an inquiry into the processes of becoming and the intelligence of our tissues.
Through touch, movement, breath, voice and silence you will strengthen your somatic resources and
find refuge for the individual and collective subjectivities.
A particular emphasis will be on embryological development - fluid motions and metabolic fields affected
by the forces of gravity and space. Embodying our embryological origins allows us to rest more deeply
in the innate fluidity and agency of our emergent selves.
Requirements: The course is open to all BA and MA degree students at Norteas institutions.
Teacher(s): Satu Palokangas