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Tampere: Singing body - Moving voice

Title of course: Singing body – Moving voiceLocation: Tampere University
Number of days excluding travel days: 5
Period: 27/03 – 31/03 2017
Level: BA
Number of ECTS credits: 1
Number of study places: 3 (for incoming NorTeas students) 

We will provide students with free-of-charge accommodation (visiting students stay with the regular students, at the institution.)

The student practices different presentation techniques shared by singing and dancing and learns how to intertwine in between them. 
Learning Outcome: having completed the course unit the student
- is able to make use of one’s own skills of movement and singing techniques in order to creatively intertwine them together
- understands the potential of movement and sounds in singing and dancing body
- is able to reflect both verbally and in writing the connection between singing and dancing body

Bachelor level 2nd year up, acting students
Teacher(s): Samuli Nordberg and Sanni Orasmaa

How to apply
Deadline: End of November
How to apply: Send an Email with motivation statement and transcript of records to: