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Upcycled Body in Wasted Space - Collective study/ movement laboratory at Viljandi Culture Academy

Requirements: students of performing arts (dance, theatre)
Deadline to apply: November 30, 2017
Further practical info below

Body carries our meat and thought. It absorbs the environment and culture that designs us regardless of our own taste and action. We are all social bodies before our professional/trained bodies. Every body is a reality and mirror. In order to SUSTAIN and develop our artistic ideas and practices, we have to be aware what we have become. What is our material, how does it react to another? How to use it to the max with zero waste. We will dig deep into already existing; there is no desire for new. We want to empty the body, mind, and space that we work in from artificially constructed and overproduced content so that the true essence and urge could appear. We are upcycling our ideas, visions, body, language, time. We are looking for common choreographic language and collective brain that uniquely connects the people who are present. Being present is the only way of being, in good times and bad. Every participant will give his/her own input that no one can resist. It is a trip to unknown. The week will be designed to dive in and fully enjoy the work. 

Themes and Terms
Accepting the existing
Ability and disability
Performative body
Fluid form

The course is curated and lead by Liis Vares in collaboration with other local artists and thinkers. This course is for everybody who is working with a physical body and its meaning-making in performing art context (students and teachers).

Learning Outcomes
Student who has passed the course: Is aware of her own specialties and the unique potential to make changes in unchangeable situations. Has heightened hearing, attention and wider vision. Is familiar with DanceAbility method. Has the toolbox to be present. Understands the necessity to meet different body realities to widen his own qualities and skills. Knows the value and techniques how to move together with different bodies Is not afraid to not know. Has questions.

About the teacher
Liis Vares (1986) has graduated Tartu University Culture Academy Performing Arts Department in dance art. She is a freelance performer, choreographer, teacher, and thinker. She does not like to separate different forms in art nor in life. Instead, she likes to transform them from one form to another. In her teach-ing practice, she has focused on individual body experience and its relation to the Other. She has worked with mentally and physically disabled people in different cultures. In 2015 /2016, she was a young house resident in Kanuti Gildi SAAL. Previous years she has been researching and writing about contemporary body concept and different realities. In 2018 will premiere her full performance based on this research. She is a certified DanceAbility teacher, member of artist union MIMproject and one of the founders and organizers of artist-run experimental art space MIMstuudio in Tallinn.

Further practical information
Number of days excluding travel days: 6 days
Period (dd/mm/yy – dd/mm/yy): 22-27 January 2018 (Travel days: January 21 and 28)
Level: (BA/MA)
Number of ECTS credits: 2 ECTS
Number of study places: (for incoming NorTeas students) 3-5
Requirements: students of performing arts (dance, theatre)
How to apply/required documents: (motivation statement and / OR examples of work or CV, etc.) Motivation letter. In a motivation letter, we would like you to introduce yourself, describe your interests and issues you have in theatre in this very moment (you can use template for application, see below)
Application should be sent by Email to: no later than November 30.
Template for application