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Life after Capitalism at Theatre Academy, Helsinki University of the Arts

Title of course: Life after capitalism: Studying and creating futures through performance
Number of days excluding travel days: 5 (TBC)
Period : 25/9/17 -29/09/2017
Level: MA
Number of credits: 3 ECTS
Number of study places: 2

Application deadline: 25 August 2017
Requirements: MA (all types) or advanced BA
How to apply: send an Email with short introducation and motivation statement to   
Template for application
Guidelines for applying for an express course

Course description:
The words ecology and economy derive from the same root, the Greek word oikos (house or household). In this course we will practice ecological thought by addressing our interconnectedness via economy. According to many researchers the current ecological crises are caused by capitalism.  Capitalism is also a social process, which manifests itself in mental ecology (in our subjectivities) and in social ecology (in social relationships); in gender asymmetries and other forms of domination. It has been suggested that rather than living in the age of human, in the anthropocene, we live in the age of capital, in the capitalocene (Moore 2015), where capitalism can be seen as a world-ecology (as a way of organizing “nature”). If capitalism is this whole complex system – social, economic, democratic, cultural, ideological – is it possible that it has reached it limits to adapt (Mason 2015). Following the expansion of non-market forces, free, abundant information and withdrawals from the growth expectations and performance paradigm, is it possible to imagine society after (the universalised narrative of) capitalism, and a post-capitalist subjectivity? In this course we will use performance as a tool for future studies. Students will explore above questions through creating concrete utopias or other suggestions by means of performance-thinking and -making.         

The course consists of a two-day seminar and attendant days for reading and writing. The speakers of the seminar include artists, philosophers, researchers from gender studies and future studies (possibly Johanna Oksala, A.C. Dinerstein, Tuija Pulkkinen, Antti Salminen, Karoliina Kucia & Tero Nauha and others).

Teacher: Lecturer in MA in Ecology and Contemporary Performance Tuija Kokkonen  and visiting teachers.