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Storytelling with Augmented Reality at Aalto University, Helsinki

Number of days excluding travel days: 8
Period:  12/09/2017 – 22/9/2017 (excluding Mondays!)
Level: MA
Number of credits: 2 ECTS
Number of study places: 4 Incoming Norteas students

Application deadline: 14 August 2017
Requirements: no specific requirements
How to apply:
Template for application
Guidelines for applying for an express course

Course description:
Augmented reality (AR) - is the term used to describe augmentation of real-world spaces. Visual or audial content such as sounds, video clips, still images or graphics are integrated with the real-world environment via technology, like mobile phone or tablet. During this course we'll be looking into how to utilize this medium to create meaningful narratives and audiovisual content. How can AR be used to create site- or target specific content?

What kind of skills/training can students expect to achieve (learning outcome):
By testing and experimenting with various ideas and concepts, the students are able to perceive the expressive potential of augmented reality. The course will contain for example:  introductory lectures to familiarize the students with the subject, case studies, discussion, exercises and prototyping ideas, and a course project.

Tanja Bastamow, lecturer in Digital Design Methods
Jyrki Pylväs, Scenographer

Additional information
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PLEASE NOTE! If the students have Android / iOS devices, such as tablets or smart phones, we would kindly ask to bring them to the course. The devices are needed to view targets and launch AR content.