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Found Technique at Iceland Academy of the Arts, Reykjavík

Number of days excluding travel days: 12
Period: 21/08/17 – 01/09/17
Level: BA
Number of credits: 2 ECTS
Number of study places: 2 incoming Norteas students
Requirements: All types, 2nd year bachelor or higher
Application deadline: 30th June 2017
How to apply: send A short letter of motivation statement + your name + name of home school + name of study programme + year of study, by Email to

Template for application
Guidelines for applying for an express course

In this laboratory we will explore the use of light, sound and image in the performing arts and experiment with natural sources aswell as everyday technical exquipments that surround us. There will be a focus on environmental friendly solutions, energy saving and recycling. Students will work in groups on assignments, presentations and openings exploring ways of using “found” techincal objects creating light, sound and image for performance or installation. The course contains dialogue, lectures and artist talks but will mainly rotate around practical experiments.

 What kind of skills/training can students expect to achieve (learning outcome):
At the end of the course students should:

  • have a clear vision of how everyday technical equipment can be used in performance
  • be able to use natural light, sound and image for artistic purposes
  • be able to identify both pros and cons of “found technique”
  • know the energy usage, pollution and possible recycling of techinqual equipment
  • be able to apply technique in a responsible environmental manner

Egill Ingibergsson is an award winning theatre designer working equally with light design, scenography and video. He has worked with various companies in Reykjavík and Akureyri. Egill is also the technical director for the Department of Performing Arts at IAA and has designed and taught within the department since 1989.

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