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Toxicities and Energetics at Theatre Academy, Helsinki University of the Arts

Number of days excluding travel days: 5
Period: 9/10/17 – 14/10/17
Level: MA (all types) or advanced BA
Number of credits: 3 ECTS
Number of study places: 2

Application deadline: 25.08.2017
Requirements: MA (all types) or advanced BA
How to apply: Send an email with short introduction and motivation statement to    
Template for application
Guidelines for applying for an express course

Course description:
Toxicities and Energetics will present a series of positions on the contemporary that are concerned with living with environmental change and its including its pollutions. Drawing on queer theory, disability studies, illness studies and current artistic practices, it will examine ways of challenging normative constructs of bodies, environments and relations; and ask kinds of alterities might appear how might they be considered? What ethics of living with and ‘staying with the trouble,’ finding queer kin and alternative energetics might emerge?    

Students will be introduced to required and recommended reading in advance of the course. They will attend a seminar conducted over three days that will combine elements of lectures, discussions and somatic work in order to engage with the terrain from different perspectives including by embodied engagement. Contributors will include Saara Hannula, Pia Lindman, Kira O’Reilly and Satu Palokangas and other artists and thinkers engaged with both practice and theory such as Mirko Nikolic, Erich Bergher and Martin O’Brian.

There will be a further two days of facilitated reflection, during which students will focus on material from the seminar and readings that they find particularly significant to their artistic practices and research engaging in artistic and written assignments that support this.

Teacher: Lecturer in MA in Ecology and Contemporary Performance Kira O’Reilly  and visiting teachers.