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Performance and Power at Theatre Academy, Helsinki University of the Arts

Number of days excluding travel days: 19 (partial participation also possible)
Period: 23/10/17 – 10/11/17
Level: MA (all types) or advanced BA
Number of credits: 3 ECTS (partial participation also possible)
Number of study places: 5

Application deadline: 23.9.2017
Requirements: MA (all types) or advanced BA
Required documents for application: Short introduction and motivation statement
How to apply: Application should be sent by Email to: 
Template for application
Guidelines for applying for an express course

Course description:
The workshop examines the practice of preparing and practicing the performance from the point of view of the use of power. The goal is to stop and think about the forces and practices that influence our own artistic work, which, on the other hand, narrows our understanding of ourselves by limiting our artistic liberties and, on the other hand, transforms our relationship with others. From this practical and personal starting point, we are moving towards perceiving social and political connections and experimenting with new practices. The workshop builds on a living dialogue of theory and practice. The workshop also involves viewing at least one presentation outside the course schedule.

Teacher(s): Lecturer in Theatre Pedagogy Riku Saastamoinen and teacher in Dance Pedagogy Irene Kajo