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Multidisciplinary Devising Week with Feedback Session at Gothenburg University

Number of days excluding travel days: 5
Period: 16 – 20 October 2017
Level: (BA)
Number of ECTS credits: t.b.c.
Number of study places: 4

Application deadline: 20.09.2017
Requirements: Acting students 2nd year bachelor or higher (or world music/improvisation music)
How to apply: Send an email with short introduction and motivation statement to 
Application deadline: September 20, 2017
Template for application
Guidelines for applying for an express course

Course description:
You are invited to a floor based devising week together with students from the World Music, Improvisation and Acting programs on BA level. The week is led by teachers from the performance programs of music and acting, and will end by artistic presentations. During the week there will be feed back sessions where you will explore Critical Response Process.

One way of supporting sustainably is to find new ways of creating art, by multidisciplinary cross over projects. The CRP method aims at giving tools for receptivity, pluralism, honesty and being specific when giving and receiving feed back.

What kind of skills/training can students expect to achieve (learning outcome): devising as a tool in multidisciplinary training

Name, surname: Peter Melin, Jonas Simonson and Thomas Jäderlund
Institution, country: The Academy of Music and Drama, Gothenburg University
Discipline and position: Peter Melin, university teacher in acting with a specialization in voice and speech, Jonas Simonson, senior lecturer in world music, Thomas Jäderlund senior lecturer in improvisation